Thursday, December 7, 2006

A Couple of Tips on Finding Car Auctions

Car auctions are a great way to save money on a car. Buying a new car can certainly seem like a smart decision if you can save some dollars during a year end clearance sale, but car auctions are where the pros get their cars. They generally happen at least once a month and can be found in all states. The secret to buying a car is to buy it at wholesale (just like a used car dealer would). Like all auctions, there are deals to be found if you are willing to just put in a little extra effort. Here are a couple of tips to help you in your search for car auctions.

1) Use the world wide web to your advantage. Internet resources can be a great assistance to people who are looking to attend their first car auction. Search for the term "car auctions CA" or "car auctions TX" to look for car auctions in your home state. In addition, if you live in a small state (such as a state in New England), make sure to also look for car auction locations in nearby states. For example, if you live in New Jersey, you might want to try looking for "car auctions NY" and/or "car auctions PA." Many times, depending on where you are located, a car auction might be happening in a nearby city that's just over the state line.

2) Glance through the classifieds section of your local newspapers. Here's something that not a lot of people know. Classifieds sections of newspapers can be a tremendous resource due to the fact that a lot of bankruptcy car auctions need to be listed in paper by law. This can be to your advantage because these auctions aren't the normal auctions that take place and therefore may not attract a lot of other potential bidders.

Follow these two tips and you could be on your way to a nice car for a much lower price.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Car Auctions

Welcome to my car auctions blog. Here you will find out where you can find car auctions online and also car auctions that may be in your area.